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Rates & Fees for Services2024-04-01T14:48:45-04:00

Innovative Pricing for Business

Hourly rates for ongoing work and custom project proposals.

Design & Consulting

$75 per hour

Branding & Identity

Web Design & Development

Graphic Design

Consulting Services

Marketing & Advertising

$150 per hour

Online Ads

Social Media

Press Releases

Rates will be determined before starting any project

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Why hourly pricing?2021-07-09T01:29:19-04:00

The digital media industry is a constantly-changing entity, forever rearranging itself and racing towards the Next Big Thing.

We’ve found that, to keep up in a market of continuous flux, we have to stay flexible. The requirements for a project started in June may look very different in July, at no fault to us or the client; it’s just how modern design works.

So, to make changes easy, keep costs low, and build exactly what you need, we charge an hourly rate for all our work. It works great for big projects with far-off deadlines, or for small edits to existing materials. Better yet, it fits perfectly into most small businesses’ requirements for low cost, on-demand services.

How does your hourly billing process work?2022-12-01T01:12:55-05:00

We like to keep things simple here, so the normal design process looks like this:

  1. We estimate how long it will take us to finish a project
  2. We track our time down to the second and let you know if we need more to finish up
  3. We get your final approval, wrap up, and send a bill at the end of the month

Along with the hourly rates, we also require a retainer for new clients, and charge a rush fee for 24-hour turn-around.

Why do you have two different hourly rates?2022-12-01T01:10:18-05:00

Our pricing model is based on the amount of effort, experience, and risk involved with the work, as well as standard industry costs. Our rate for website and graphic design is extremely competitive, especially for the high-quality work we provide, and we’ve found the majority of our client projects fit nicely into the standard consulting rate space. We charge more for marketing and advertising because it’s an incredibly volatile industry involving large budgets, expensive measurement analytics, and high-stress, high-reward projects.

If these prices are still too high for your budget, we’ll help you find some alternatives. We love your business and want to help however we can.

Do the rates change?2022-12-01T01:17:25-05:00

While not ideal, we do sometimes need to increase our rates to match current industry averages. However, we’ll always notify you at least 30 days ahead of any changes, and do everything we can to remain competitive.

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Website Hosting


$225 per month

Daily Backups and Recovery

Live + Staging Environments

Updates Tested & Approved Monthly

Custom Plan

Get in Touch

Built for Your Business

Made-to-Order Speed & Storage

Monitored by Professionals

Website Design

Your business lives online. Make sure it works (and looks) amazing.

Brand Development

Give your company the best voice to tell its story.

Marketing Strategy

Promote your products and services with modern solutions.

WordPress Hosting

Keep your site operating at 100% efficiency, 100% of the time.

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