Virtual Event Lobby

3D Models for Adobe Dimension

SPLtrak virtual conference lobby



September 2020


Adobe Dimension, proprietary system

SPLtrak virtual conference lobby

A new dimension to virtual conferences

Chimento Agency developed a visual solution to SPLtrak's requirements for remote event management. Using Adobe Dimension's simple 3D scene setup and a gorgeous set of models made-to-order, SPLtrak can bring their clients' digital symposium to life.

SPLtrak provides event management and coordination for conferences all across the world, with a focus on non-profit education.

With the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, they expanded their services to include virtual hosting for seminars using proprietary technology and the expertise of their staff. An important element of their solution is the virtual experience, where attendees can register, log into a portal, and find a customized set of resources presented visually in a manner similar to an in-person conference.

Chimento Agency built a solution for the SPLtrak team which could be easily modified for any client and event using Adobe Dimension's built-in 3D scene rendering. The project included an expansive lobby with space for virtual signage, editable material skins and doorways to represent links to the presentation and additional resources, and individual models for an information desk, pop-up banners, and hanging signs.

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