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Homepage of new MoBo Entertainment website

MoBo Entertainment


February 2021



Homepage of new MoBo Entertainment website

A front page for indie filmmakers.

MoBo Entertainment's streaming service is built for creators and consumers of independent films. Chimento Agency developed a website that celebrates indie filmmaking and provides revenue and entertainment to a unique community.

MoBo Entertainment believes that independent films, documentaries and television shows deserve the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed by everybody.

Working closely with MoBo, Chimento Agency developed a cost-effective and highly flexible single-page website to help facilitate convenient updates along with a mobile optimized web design. Featuring a modern and professional design, Chimento's team also created a fresh, new color palette and structured a visual identity to help solidify the company's ongoing branding initiatives and appeal to both filmmakers and potential subscribers.

Since debuting on February 28, 2021, MoBo's website registered 2,500 new users in the first 30 days alone, with 88% of traffic from mobile devices.

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