New Portfolio Website


BREAKIRON Animation&Design


August 2020



A proper showcase for an award-winning visual effects company

There are times when the best website design takes a backseat to the client's remarkable visual accomplishments, such as a robot dancing when you arrive at the home page. Such is the case with BREAKIRON Animation&Design -- an award-winning visual effects and 3D graphics company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whether TV, film, web, industrial, medical or corporate projects, BREAKIRON's work deserves the spotlight.

For years, BREAKIRON Animation&Design has been a recognizable name in the 3D motion graphics industry. We gave their enormous catalog of work the display wall it deserves.

After disposing the older, outdated website, Chimento Agency created BREAKIRON's current portfolio with fully dynamic media pages, embedded video highlights, and a new color palate, shapes and text contrast that showcases the client's remarkable work without becoming a distraction. From a flight simulator in action to a sci-fi action film, the VFX wizardry never stops.

Along the way, the Chimento Agency has clearly depicted some of the major categories BREAKIRON handles, such as corporate, medical and film. There's also a very straightforward but extremely effective "Hire Us" call-to-action button at the bottom of the home page. Utilizing a three-page layout, the website takes the visitor on an uplifting guided tour of a sampling of BREAKIRON's craft where there's never a dull moment. The website is easy-to-use and navigate, and conveys the company's enormous versatility and talent.

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